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Chavismo in Venezuela: what's the astonishment about?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 27.07.05 | Miguel is astounded because a useless admiral, who happens to be the country's Minister of Defence, posed with Chavez's preferred rabble rouser -Lina Ron- and other cheap, ugly looking lady in some official event. Daniel is shocked due to Barreto's new project of renaming Caracas, further Tomas reported not long ago about Caracas Great Major brown nosing nature. Marianella Salazar writes about the launch of Telehippie, a.k.a. TELESUR or the revolutionary equivalent of the BBC, attended by all sorts of burnt out demodé political dinosaurs that have found in Chavez's Venezuela a second coming, a fertile soil upon which to spread their utterly anachronic and sterile ideological bullshit enjoying, in the meanwhile, royal treatment for the first time of their miserable existence. Gustavo also expounds on TELECHAVEZ. In the meanwhile friends in America are flabbergasted upon learning that the chavista prosecutor of Sumate directors refused to accept documents the defence thought pertinent to present, in clear violation to due process. Excuse me people but, who in the hell do you think we are dealing with? What's up with the fuss and the astonishment? What sort of behaviour is to be expected from a bunch of thugs with bespoke laws, guns and plenty of money? Time to wake up and smell the coffee!!

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