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And how much has Ken Livingstone wasted in legal fees?

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 14.11.06 | Quite happy to see that, at last, Londoners are turning the screws on Red Ken. His recent PR fiasco in Venezuela only equals that of his patron Hugo Chavez when the latter visited London in May. As it turns Livingstone wasted 35,543 worth of taxpayer's money in his little Caribbean adventure. However that's not the total amount of taxpayer's money that Livingstone has wasted in his crusade to defend the Venezuelan militaristic caudillo. As readers of this site know Livingstone accused me of being a terrorist, which prompted my immediate reaction, fearful as I was of a Jean Charles de Meneses type of incident. Berrymans Lace Mawer, one of the UK's leading legal firms, was contracted to take up the Mayor's defence in the legal proceeedings initiated by me. How much did that cost Londoners? Further, how much more will it cost once I return to London and pick up where I left? Londoners should be made aware of Livingstone's dealings but more importantly Londoners should take advantage of the city's working democracy and legal mechanisms to take him into account.

Fortunately for Venezuela no oil-for-propaganda deal will ever be signed with London, not because of particular animosity with such a fine city but precisely because of it. The poor in London are doing much better than the poor in this country and only a resented hypocrite radical lefty, such as Livingstone, can ignore that.

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