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Venezuela's electoral boss will not "run" again

By Daniel Duquenal

25.03.06 | In yet another act of hypocrisy and utter self aggrandizement, Jorge Rodriguez announced a little while ago that the would not ask to be named to the new CNE in preparation.

[Brief break to shed a few crocodile tears, sniff, sniff...]

Let's be serious now, this does not change anything. The way the National Assembly is proceeding to name a new CNE does not allow us to hope for an improvement on that front. That is, the reasons why 50% of Venezuela does not trust the electoral system and are not planning to vote are still there and will not be changed no matter who they put to direct the CNE. In fact, even if by some disconcerting fluke the NA were to put a non or even anti Chavez person to lead the CNE, the result would be that the 50% chavistas would stop trusting the vote, plus a few on the other side not easily swayed by a cosmetic change.

No, the trust in the electoral system is too damaged by simply removing Jorge Rodriguez, no matter what a disgusting character he has come to be. Much, much more is needed.

But the interesting thing of today announcement by Jorgito the shrink is that he showed again that he is in bad need of a shrink himself. The tone of his announcement, the spiteful things he said were telling of his utter moral bankruptcy. It gives pena ajena(1) to read his words of self sufficiency and out of control ego.

“now it will take away the opposition excuses not to run” (as if he were the sole responsible party! The nerve!
“this exercise closes with great satisfaction, we met out goals in spite of adversity, the vilification and the most truant campaign against a public institution without being able to respond”. Well, besides the fact that he is responding with such a statement, he has gained his notorious infamous reputation on all the responses he gave during his contested tenure. But Rodriguez is a resentido social (2) and such people are never satisfied no matter how many opportunity to respond they are provided with.

And more that I have no stomach to detail.

The only thing that worries me is that he is rumored to become the next Vice President. Oh dear! But he does posses the cynicism of Jose Vicente Rangel, though not his craft.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
1) pena ajena is used in Venezuela when we want to say that what someone did is so embarrassing that we are actually personally embarrassed for that person.

2) resentido social is how we describe in Venezuela people who hold a grudge against society and seek all their lives redress. It is a social resentment that defies logic, compassion, reconciliation. Chavismo is plagued by such people, just as chavismo is creating a new class of the same people in the opposition ranks.

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