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Venezuela: news review

By Aleksander Boyd

London 16.08.05 | Hugo Chavez assures that he does not meddle in other country's affairs. However a representative of his, International Affairs attaché Enrique Hernández Astudillo, is investigated and computers of his are confiscated by Colombia's security (DAS) for allegedly "endangering national security".

Venezuela's Minister of Education, Culture and Sports Aristobulo Isturiz lashes out angrily against protesters claiming that official illiteracy figures are false.

Venezuela's Oil and Energy Minister and PDVSA CEO Rafael Ramirez affirms that should US aggressions continue oil supply will be halted (yeah right...)

Hugo Chavez said he would rule until 2030...

Whilst Lula apologizes to Brazilians owing to the corruption scandal miring his presidency -some critics maintain that he's full of it- Chavez blames the right for the scandal. (Remember he does not meddle in other countries).

Chavez's Southern Tour was jam packed with offers that have not been approved by Venezuela's National Assembly.

Coca-growers leader and Bolivia's presidential wannabe Evo Morales was back in Caracas for consultations. (Remember he does not meddle in other countries).

Ecuadoran newly appointed Finance and Economy Minister Magdalena Barreiro presses ahead with the sale of $300m worth of bonds to Venezuela. (Remember he does not meddle in other countries).

Venezuela's public spending per capita on housing has decreased 33.6%

Sources report that Venezuela's National Institute of Lands Eliezer Otaiza -whose motto is "we must start hating Americans"- has been checked into a Houston hospital for medical treatment.

Discontent amongst chavistas continues to grow.

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