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USA & Venezuela: Uh Ah Doublya no se va!!

By Aleksander Boyd

London 03 Nov. 04 – Dear American readers: may I congratulate you for having exhibited such level of democratic engagement in the presidential race. It is a great day when the people, instead of the Supreme Court or electoral lackeys, get to decide who runs their nation. Bush’s victory reveals how strong convictions and decisive actions, whether fair or not, pays off at the polls. The best man won the vote and that man, according to 56 million Americans, is Bush. Therefore I consider fitting to say, from my London cushy pad, that what has occurred is what the majority deemed appropriate. And before you embark in the adventure of calling me a neocon and other niceties, revise, those of you who loath Bush, your feelings towards your truly, for a moment or two, when reading these lines. After all, isn’t that what you constantly do vis-à-vis Hugo Chavez? Let me rephrase that, isn’t not true that you, as distant observers, keep pounding that what’s best for us Venezuelans is Chavez? I know for a fact that this website is read by very many people, among whom, liberals infatuated with Chavez (Eva Golinger and other alpargatuos…). Well, to those fitting the profile, allow me to wish you well in the next four years. Cada pueblo tiene el gobierno que se merece, remember?

Four more years!! Four more years!! I’m just having a field day hearing and reading the finest exponents of human stupidity going on about the imminent World War III due to the election results in America. Me entra un fresquito, como dicen en mi pueblo!!

To conclude, I need to be emphatic about my appreciation of John Kerry. On a couple of occasions Sen. Kerry criticised harshly Hugo Chavez, the last very recently, in a desperate attempt to agglutinate Latino voters, and I thought “either way it’ll be bad for Chavez”. John Kerry will continue being a Senator and George Bush will continue being the President. I just wish that whatever turn they may take in the near future, US’s policy towards Latin America, and more specifically towards Venezuela, changes. It is crucial for the region’s stability that terrorist threats and rogue states are condemned in exemplary fashion by the international community. At this point in time, I doubt that anyone informed enough to opine on Venezuelan matters, gets fooled by Chavez. So my message to Sen. Kerry and other wannabe liberal presidents of the US is: should you wish to galvanise the vote of Cubans & Venezuelans in the US in four years time, get tough on Castro and tougher still on Chavez.

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