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About Vcrisis

21 October 2010: ETA & FARC Terrorists Got Venezuela Citizenship From Hugo Chavez

16 July 2010: Colombia reveals evidence of FARC camps in Venezuela

1 March 2010: Spain's High Court Reveals ETA, FARC, Chavez Connection

Smartmatic revisited 08.03.2011

Vcrisis was, in short, the personal endeavour of someone whose discontentment, towards the politicians of his country (Venezuela), reached such unbearable levels that he decided to take action, and provide a counterbalance to the official multi million dollar propagandistic effort, rolled out by the Hugo Chavez regime. This effort, however, could not have been successful without the collaboration of outstanding individuals, who have provided much needed support and opinions, in the form of articles throughout the years. Special recognition goes to the webmaster of the site, and utmost admiration to Daniel Duquenal and Miguel Octavio, whose blogging from the thick of things has become, at least from my own perspective, that very elusive and ever so difficult to find source of objective information.

In October 2002, when this site was started, Hugo Chavez was the darling of the Left. Today, he is the darling of a small fringe of fundamentalists, terrorists, and radicals. Since, links with narcoterrorists organizations, such as FARC, have been properly exposed and corroborated by INTERPOL. The systematic violations of civil, political and human rights under Hugo Chavez's tenure, have also been amply documented by reputed human rights NGOs, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, as well as by hemispheric multilateral bodies. Here the latest indictment against Venezuela issued by Inter American Commission of Human Rights, published 24 February 2010. The militaristic nature of his regime is another defining characteristic. Therefore, what needed exposing has been thouroughly exposed.

The editorial line of this site was based upon the criteria of its editor and founder, Alek Boyd, and the financial maintenance of it was met entirely by him since day one.

Contact, feedback messages, information leads, tips and hate mail can be sent to @alekboyd. Donations to contribute with the running of this site are welcomed. Nowadays he blogs at, and in his blog.


How to retrieve old articles?

The archive contains one of the most complete resources of information in English about Venezuela available on the internet, commencing November 2002. The archive also has articles, analysis and opinion pieces in Spanish, French, Italian and German.

How to search for specific articles, authors, subjects, keywords?

There is a search facility on the right hand navigation bar of the site. With it readers will be able to search the entire archive of information published to date. Use it as any search engine.

How to access articles in other languages?

Near the top left hand navigation bar, under the heading "news in other languages" readers will find four little flags with the corresponding subheading. Click on the language selected or on the flag. As these sections are not updated as regularly as the English, readers may wish to click on the link (>>) next to "older (language of preference) editorials".

How to access statistics and data about Venezuela?

We are in the process of compiling a section of statistics and data based solely upon figures provided either by Venezuelan official sources or internationally recognized ones. As this is an evolving project readers are adviced to visit every so often to check any updates.

The analysis section. What does it provide?

Papers providing in depth analysis of Venezuelan issues from various authors can be found in this section.

What is the videos section?

Documentaries and videos critical of the Hugo Chavez's administration are featured in this section.

Navigation bars

Relevant information, links to what the editor considers sites worth visiting, more often than not independent bloggers, and papers or investigations of interest produced by other parties have been linked in navigation bars at both sides of Vcrisis. A browse around these shall provide a very accurate picture of present day Venezuela to unlearned readers.

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