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Venezuela Information Office gets $490.000

By Aleksander Boyd

London 03.06.06 | Another semester another half a million. The apologists and lobbyists of Hugo Chavez certainly have it easy, mind you should one consider the recurring PR fiascoes and negative image that Chavez has in the USA they are handsomely rewarded for doing nothing but embarrasing the boss with their sheer stupidity and amateurishness. What a waste of money. And when I see such figures I can't help but fancy what could I do with those amounts. Anyway here's the latest filling of the Venezuela Information Office (VIO) to the Foreign Agents Registration Unit for the six month period ending 28 February 2006.

Since they do not disclose this information to the American public I feel obliged to, in collaboration with other Venezuelans, do so so that every time some one googles them interested parties can learn who is their donour, who works for the propaganda-disemminating outfit, what personalities are contacted to spread the inanity and what's the advocacy of US interest groups 'concerned' with Venezuela. For instance, next time Daniel and Miguel get an invitation to debate their country with 'pundit' Dan Hellinger all they have to do is point out his relation with the VIO, as that of Mark 'where are the profits' Weisbrot...

The VIO has moved to new premises in 2000 P Street NW, St. 240, Washington DC, 20036. Isaura Gilmond continues in charge and the staff is composed by Eric S. Wingerter, Elisabeth S. Rodriguez (from the Maryknolls), Olivia B. Goumbri, Edward A. Mercado and Segundo Mercado Llorens.


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