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How Chavez' revolution lies and cheats

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

26.10.05 | Scene #1: Sunday in Alo Presidente none other than President Hugo Chavez announced proudly that conversations were very advanced to reach an agreement with Agropecuaria Agroflora, the Corporation that holds the Vestey Holdings in Venezuela. According to Chavez Agroflora would hand over part of the more than 300 thousand hectares of farmland the company owns. In fact, Chavez said that there was a meeting to define what those areas were.

Next day, my friend Alek Boyd looked into the matter in London and found out that no agreement has been reached and in fact few conversations have taken place. Moreover, today Vestey said that they are still fighting in the Courts to defend their rights, but have reached no agreement on the matter (Tal Cual page 12).

Scene #2: The former President of the National Assembly said that if the Supreme Court bans the so called "Morochas" or "twins" by which Chavez' party MVR will get more positions for the Assembly by registering a fake political party and field candidates by name for one and by slate for the other one, then, they will field candidates on their own recognizance rather than any political party and ordering their supporters to vote for them.

I see, he is saying: "If we are not allowed to cheat one way, we will find another way of bypassing the law and the Constitution and take advantage of our majority as well as our funding". Walks, like one, looks like one...

Scene # 3: Last night Hugo Chávez himself went haywire, saying that he was considering re-nationalizing steel company Sidor if they did not do what he wanted. Sidor was privatized in the 90's after decades of losses and sold to a consortium of Argentinian, Mexican and Venezuelan companies. Basically, Sidor exports part of its steel production but Chavez wants them to sell mostly in Venezuela even if prices are lower. Chavez left no doubt about his intentions: "I am tired of talking, if we don't reach an agreement within a week, we will issue a decree"

Tonight the President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce said as he left a meeting with Chavez: "The Executive guarantees respect for private property". Hello? Who did he meet with? Did he read the papers today? Can he trusts these guys? Is this guy stupid?

You can read more scenes here or here, where Chavez told a reporter in response to a question about Tascon's list: "That’s totally false. Those who say that are the very people who were trying to demonize my government. We have a fully democratic country."

Oh yeah! I made up everything I put here, but wait! Didn't Chavez himself tell Tascon to put away the list? Didn't Chavez himself authorize Tascon to get the list of those that signed against him?

So much for demonizing, we all know where the professional liars and cheaters are...and let's not talk about the fascists!

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