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ETA's banned political party to lend support to Chavez & Castro

By Aleksander Boyd

[Translation: With Cuba and Venezuela let's go to Salamanca!]

London 24.09.05 | A few Spanish media outlets report today that Batasuna, the banned political party of the Basque terrorist group ETA, is to lend support and pay homage to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and his oil rich sidekick Hugo Chavez in the coming summit of heads of state and governments of Latin America to take place in the city of Salamanca October 14/15.

Surely Spanish Prime Minister Rodriguez Zapatero must have greeted the news with utmost excitement, considering that he will host a) his Venezuelan benefactor; b) his Cuban political idol and c) the representatives of the Basque terrorist group whose wrongful blaming for the Madrid bombings by Aznar served him Spain's top job in a silver platter, all under one roof. Isn't that great?

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