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Two of Chavez's Cuban bodyguards defect in NY

By A.M. Mora y Leon | Babalu Blog

Originally posted September 18 2005 | This just in from a source in Caracas: Two of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez's Cuban bodyguards with Venezuelan passports have just defected in New York. This happened while Chavez was whooping it up with Rep. Jose Serrano and other corrupt politicians over in the Bronx, or shortly thereafter.

Possibly while Chavez was banging the bongos, the bodyguards fled. They couldn't stand castro and they sure as heck couldn't take Hugo. They wanted to be away from communism.

Very interesting that they had passports from Venezuela, something that could be held up to Chavez's shame. The U.S. doesn't let just any castroite Cuban security apparatchik in. Obviously, they are getting in, courtesy of Hugo Chavez.

Although Chavez believes he's pulled a fast one by blurring the lines of nationality, supposedly in castro's favor, the two bodyguards have just thrown him a whopping embarassment. They're the ones who've done the real number. I bet Chavez is screaming and throwing things right now.

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