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Venezuela's PDVSA misses again deadline to deliver SEC fillings

By Aleksander Boyd

London 02.07.05 | On the 24th of May I wrote a short article entitled "Breaking News Venezuela: PDVSA will fill accounts with SEC in June". Allow me to borrow some comments from the said article:

Therefore this time round, in regards to the accounts that were meant to be filled with the Security and Exchange Commission two years ago and will be delivered sometime in June this year, one can expect PDVSA's president Rafael Ramirez to have offered yet another 'promise' that will not be kept... Ramirez also announced that in six months time PDVSA will be producing 3.5 MBD, from the present output guestimated at 1.4 MPD...

The declarations of the illegal Minister and PDVSA CEO can be read here. But how did I know that he was lying through his teeth? Once a liar, always a liar...

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