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Regional Elections in Venezuela: Update 9

By Aleksander Boyd

London 30.10.04 - 13.51 GMT - Of the 14 mesas (voting tables) of San Agustin College only 2 are operating. Reports show a somewhat fluid voting process in the West areas of Caracas, traditionally chavista strongholds. Jorge Borges from Primero Justicia gave percentages of voting centres operating, placing the figure at 75 % nationwide. It seems that in most cases the personel accredited by the CNE has not shown up, which has caused the process to be delayed. For instance in Unidad Educativa Experimental Venezuela in Chacaito, Caracas, the head of the centre is yet to arrive. Complaints from people who were up until last friday meant to act as "miembros de mesa" (citizens manning the voting tables) and whose credentials have not been issued continue to surface. Beatriz Briceņo denounced from Maracay that a person who yesterday identified himself as electoral witness "testigo de mesa", show up today with another CNE credential (hand written) as "presidente de mesa" voting table president. Yajaira Vera complained from Merida that credentials have not arrived from Caracas.

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