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Will Venezuela’s Chavez rob Bush the spotlight in Washington?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 16 Sep. 04 – Gossip has it that Jorge Valero, Venezuelan Ambassador to the OAS, is working overtime to secretly arrange a ‘sudden’ appearance of Hugo Chavez in the swearing ceremony of OAS new Secretary General Miguel Angel Rodriguez to be held in Washington on the 23rd of September.

The date was set to accommodate the assistance of George Bush, which allegedly has been confirmed by the State Department.

Conversely the goal of the emissary of the Venezuelan regime in Washington appears to be to annoy the White House, providing Hugo Chavez with the opportunity of robbing the spotlight from Bush the presidential candidate, who will surely try to capitalise politically from his presence.

OAS diplomats are not particularly bent on participating in this type of manoeuvre; however oil commands everyone’s attention nowadays in Washington, specially should one take into consideration the financial clout of Venezuela when compared with deprived economies of Caribbean and Central American nations.

Perhaps Chavez’ delirium includes a worldwide broadcast telethon from Capitol Hill, who knows?

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