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Recall Election in Venezuela: the celebration in Yaracuy

By Daniel Duquenal

Sunday 6, June 2004 - Caracas opposition march did take place yesterday, quite successfully in spite of the rain. Today it was the turn of the provinces to have their time under the sun, were it to show up. Yaracuy under Governor Lapi (Convergencia), one of the main characters of the opposition, in particular since he participated in the negotiation table of the first half of 2003, demonstrated once again his appeal in the state. His party, Convergencia, controls only this state after having been in power just before Chavez. But Lapi has kept it more than alive in Yaracuy to the great displeasure of Chavez.

The march was called at 10 AM, at "la Concha Acustica" all the way up in San Felipe. The sun is harsh at noon, the idea was to walk downhill and be done for lunch time. I have selected a few pictures, hopefully small enough to avoid a heavy page. Some pictures are just a link for those wanting to look further.

The first picture is the atmosphere while waiting for the start. The truck carrying the media, and the signs from at least three political parties mixing together. >>

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