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Venezuela: second day report 2

By Daniel Duquenal

Saturday 29, May 2004 - Two teams of Globovision were attacked by pro-Chavez folks. Some other press agents were also attacked. Live coverage and everything. One wonders what would be happening if Gaviria and Carter had not showed up to monitor the processes!

One of the attacks was in the Western part of Caracas (see "El Petarazo" posts a few months back). Yet the Petare mayor, the son of ineffable Vice President Rangel claimed that he "doubted" that the aggressors were chavistas and that it was more likely that it was a set up to tarnish his good name. I have a novel idea for you smart ass mayor of Petare: Globovision has all the footage, go and send your cops capture the aggressors and prove to the country that you are indeed a true mayor, true to his word and not your daddy's creature. >>

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