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Venezuela: political assassinations continue...

By Gente del Petroleo

In the evening of Monday, March 1st, 2004, José Manuel Vilas Liñeira, a member of Gente del Petróleo of the Altos Mirandinos, was murdered in San Antonio de los Altos (Miranda State) as a consequence of the violent and disproportionate assault of the National Armed Forces against defenseless people demanding respect for their democratic rights.

Military officers entered "Los Castores" neighborhood and started shooting using long-barrel weapons against completely unarmed residents and neighbors.

José Manuel Vilas was a victim of two FAL (self-loading rifle) shots that hit him on his back, causing him severe vertebral damages and in the abdominal region. He was immediately taken to the polyclinic of El Retiro where he died during surgery.

Vilas, of 40 years of age, had been illegally fired by PDVSA INTEVEP in 2003, where he worked for 11 years as a specialist in analytical techniques used in the environment field. He is outlived by his widow, Carolina, and his eleven-year old son, José Ramón.

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