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Day of worldwide condemnation towards the Neo-Fascist and Authoritarian regime of Hugo Chavez was a resounding success

Editorial by Aleksander Boyd

In the city of London a large group of Venezuelans gathered in Speaker's Corner to express their utmost discontent towards the present Venezuelan admin. As with everything in life the meeting had its share of controversy and discussion. Various speakers -those whom have made that venue their second home- came up with an incredible amount of half-truths and waffle in an attempt to play down our genuine protest. The socialist-marxist ideas are so entrenched in the European psyche that convincing them that the problems in Venezuela have nothing to do with globalization or the blame-for-everything American administration is an impossible task.

The problem stems from the outstanding ignorance of the events that have brought the country to this crisis. Almost all of the arguments in favor of Chavez swiftly stress the fact that he was democratically elected in a landslide (about 3.7 million votes). None of them know about the 4.4 million signatures collected in the petition drive against Chavez . They all argue about the possibility of a referendum in August although they do not know that the president controls the Supreme Court, the National Assembly, the National Electoral Council. Under these circumstances no one can be sure that this referendum will indeed take place for the president knows that the odds are against him, worth noting that in the past he has used repeatedly the referendum for his own benefit. Alas this is not public knowledge either.

Another interesting argument is that the opposition is composed of right wing extremist and coup mongers willing to re-install the old Status Quo. In a very interesting exchange of ideas one of the speakers asked me three questions that represent for the majority of the people the magic formula for understanding the Venezuelan problem:
1) Were you in favor of the "media" coup of last April to oust Chavez?
2) Are you in favor of a military coup at this moment?
3) Are you in favor of the privatization of PDVSA?
Had I replied yes to any of the above he would have recited the whole repertoire of his socialist humbug. Unexpectedly -for him- I replied no to all questions. His arguments vanished right there and then. The only comment he could come up with was, "well my friend , you seem to have very good intentions and have been deceived by the opposition groups of Venezuela". Out with the Venezuelan subject in his speech, in with a ferocious attack towards Bush-Blair, war in Iraq, etc.

The world at large does not understand that the only element blocking the celebration of free elections in Venezuela is Hugo Chavez. He has used democracy and its tools to bestow upon himself dangerous amounts of power, destroying the check and balance mechanisms for the normal functioning of democracy. Venezuelans are asking for elections and elections only, nothing else. Is that too difficult to understand?

The event in London was mirrored in 38 cities worldwide including Washington, L. A., Paris, Brussels, Rome and others. Today in the news, Chavez is complaining about an international campaign against him. Well Mr. President, get acquainted with the fact that you may be able to control what happens inside Venezuelan borders -although I doubt it-, however what happens outside the country escapes your control and influence. When your idol Castro did what he did, international bodies, human rights organizations, international courts of justice, internet, etc, did not exist. As I have said before, you are against a formidable army of individuals whom out-number your lackeys exponentially, whom are certainly more intelligent, whom are fighting for freedom not for a few dollars, whom are resolute to bring you down with the tools that democracy provides. Take a good look of what is happening to your other friend (former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori). It may take us some time but do not fool yourself, you will not be there long enough to celebrate Rosines marriage in Miraflores. Perhaps a view of the events from a prison window will be closer to reality.

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