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Whither Venezuela?

By Aleksander Boyd

You can call me naïve, you can call me pessimist, you can call me radical, you can even call me crazy but please don't call me stupid. That's exactly how I feel when I hear or read declarations given by Hugo Chavez or Jose Vicente Rangel or Roy Chaderton or Tobias Nobrega or any of the members of this admin. It is an insult to have to withstand the comments of these people. Insult towards Venezuela, its dignity and its citizens -all of them-. Having a government as the one headed by Hugo Chavez makes me feel ashamed and disgusted of being Venezuelan.

Rabble from Cuba, China, Libya and Colombia (to name a few) are my compatriots nowadays, thanks to the expedite process implemented by the government to grant Venezuelan citizenship to those willing to take arms to support its permanence in power. Simultaneously, the Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel and the Foreign Secretary Roy Chaderton are engaged in diplomatic rows with the officials of any government expressing their concern about the deteriorating situation in Venezuela. According to these "gentlemen" US government officials -including Colin Powell- and the entire Colombian Cabinet have been "deceived" about the state of affairs in the country, which is of "complete normality". The agreement on the revoking referendum that was to be signed yesterday was cancelled due to the "lack of an appropriate venue" for the signature. Moreover, the government introduced five objections to the plan, which included: 1.) the term "representative democracy" should be used instead of "democracy"; 2.) the role of the Carter Center, OAS, and UN cannot be viewed as "international tutelage"; 3.) the OAS cannot not be the "guarantor" of the agreement 4.) a fixed date cannot be set, which the government views as a "straight jacket"; 5.) the referenda to revoke the mandate of governors and mayors should be held at the same time.

It is clear that Hugo Chavez does not want to go through the referendum and he will do his utmost to cancel or delay this process. In a clear attempt to deviate attention from the revoking referendum, he is actively pushing the country towards more chaos, anarchy, dictatorship and the possibility of a civil war is growing by the day (latest studies show that up to 8 million Venezuelans from both sides are willing to take arms). The state sponsors terrorists, rationing has commenced, crime is rampant, the border is totally controlled by the Colombian guerrilla, Venezuelan strategic decisions are taken in Havana, Venezuelan ambassador to the US is cooking deals with Big Oil, the world's media shows programmes portraying Hugo Chavez as a victim, in sum it seems that there is an international conspiracy against Venezuela and its citizens but the conspiracy comes from within. Someone said "every action has an opposite and equal reaction". Let us hope that Hugo Chavez and his wretched revolution do not escape from it.

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