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Hugo Chavez: sponsor of terrorism

By Alek Boyd

15.05.08 | INTERPOL just announced what has been a foregone conclusion: Colombia did not fabricate files and data contained in laptops of slain narco-terrorist Raul Reyes, killed in Ecuador on 1 March this year. Since, information contained in said laptops have led Colombian authorities to seize Uranium in Bogota and cash in Costa Rica. President Uribeís all out eradication policy against drug dealing terrorists from FARC will likely be boosted, given the wealth of data, much of which points to Caracas. That Chavez has been in bed with Colombian narco terrorists is nothing new. What will become truly interesting is how President Uribe out-chavezes Chavez with the intel heís got now: FARC top leaders move freely in Venezuela where they have presidential protection.

So what INTERPOLís findings mean? It confirms that Chavezís relationship with FARC has been, as many of us have maintained for years, close and deep. It shows that the Venezuelan caudillo, at the back of its constituents, has been arming, protecting, providing sanctuary, granting citizenship and using for political purposes members of an organization considered terrorist by 27 European countries, the USA and Canada. Chavezís terrorist allies have killed, maimed, tortured and kidnapped Venezuelan citizens. For that he should be tried for treason, and sooner or later he, and his collaborators, will have to face justice.

INTERPOLís conclusions also means that anyone who has collaborated, praised, apologized and distributed propaganda in favor of someone who aids and abets with terror is, by association, a supporter of terrorism. Readers sent emails to learn about my impression on Ken Livingstoneís defeat in Londonís mayoral vote. And I was patiently waiting for INTERPOLís report to be official, to say that London does not deserve a mayor who, by association, supports terrorism. Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, Lula, the Kirchners, Daniel Ortega and the Cuban dictatorship are also supporters of terrorism. Joe Kennedy, Bill Delahunt, Jose Miguel Insulza, Sean Penn, Piedad Cordoba, TransAfrica Forum, Larry Birns and his motley crew of associates, are equally guilty. From this day on, anyone openly siding with Chavez is, by association, a supporter of terrorism and should be treated as such by authorities and public opinion worldwide. The honey moon has ended.

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