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Why don't you shut up?

By Aleksander Boyd

Marbella 11.11.07 | Democrats the world were royally treated yesterday when Spain's King told Venezuela's dictator to shut up. Mind you this is one of those historic moments that people cherish and the delicious phrase will surely become a motto "why don't you shut up?" or "porque no te callas?" in the proper King's language. So neat is the phrase that I tried yesterday to purchase the domain or register a blog with the coined question as title alas couldn't do either; others had been quicker at it.

Why don't you shut up is something millions of my countrymen would love to scream at the caudillo, just as the King did. And, why don't you just fucking leave? is another question that many, many people have. The caudillo however is unapologetic for he's convinced of his godly mission.

The King's reaction has got the approval of the majority of the people and media in this country. After all a true fascist ruled here only until 1975, ergo they can identify one when seen. In a programme called La Noria last night a guest pretended that he was going to set alight a photo of the Venezuelan caudillo. Later on, in the same programme, a group of journalists discussed the issue. Frankly it was ever so refreshing to see that Chavez mantle of sainthood has lost its lustre. A clear departure from what I used to see in the UK, where Red Ken and other fanatics continue to toe the Havana-Caracas line, journalists here have no qualms in defining Chavez publicly as "imbecile, tinpot dictator, thief, impostor, cacho cabron (sorry lost in translation!)" in sum the coupster is fooling no one around here.

But it is important to highlight a couple of things. First premier Rodriguez Zapatero's handling of Chavez was remarkable and his defense of former premier Aznar commendable. After yesterday's spat one can only hope that the Spanish premier will realize the futility of having appeased and entertained Chavez, who does not belong in the concert of democratic leaders. There's simply nothing in common between militaristic dictators and leaders of free societies. While talking about free societies comes the second point: Chavez, and his represantives, as Castro, and his represantives, as Ortega, and his representatives, ought to be declared personae non gratae for they just don't belong in the democratic club. As someone said on the radio this morning "they're nothing but a bunch of criminals" and are to be treated as such. And elected officials of democratic nations have to start reacting like the King. How come not one single comment about the chutzpah of Castro's lackey Carlos Lage about his remarks on how legitimacy is to be gained? How come no one in that room said to him, as firmly as the King did, "you are not elected, nor is the dictator you represent, so why don't you shut up?"

Equally important was the challenge that Chilean Foreign Secretary Alejandro Foxley made to the paratrooper regarding the state of Chile in welfare, social, economic and political areas when compared to other LatAm countries. Nothing that the region's populists will be looking into in the future, but an elegant way to shut them up.

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