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Reality of Venezuela's 21st Century Socialism hits the blogosphere

By Alek Boyd

London 25.03.07 | Do readers remember an article of mine back in October on a black woman scavenging for food in rubbish piles in La Vega, west Caracas? Do readers recall the abject poverty in which she lived? Further, were the pictures of her makeshift rancho located right next to rubbish piles shocking enough? Well in case memory does not help, please follow the link above before reading the rest of this article.

It turns out that a new blog from a group called Asociación Civil Radar de los Barrios (Barrios' Radar Civil Association) has been reporting about the undignified lives and misery that characterizes the disenfranchised of Caracas. Shocking entries can be found in their blog, such as how an 8 year old died after being attacked by rats. I mean this is the sort of stuff that reminds us about the accelerated Africanization process undergoing in Venezuela's Chavez.

But even more appalling, to me at least, is the fact that that la negra is still living in the same conditions, in the same place, 5 months after I shed light upon her situation. Neither opposition nor officialdom have been able to sort her life out. In the past 5 months Chavez pledged up to $32 million/year to help out London's 'poor.' But las negras of Venezuela lack the capacity to generate positive headlines for the tinpot dictator in London. Neither Barbara Walters, nor the Guardian 'experts' give a flying fuck about them, much less either of the degenerated mayors in charge.

The blog reports that la negra and other 99 homeless in the area were rounded up last December by a local chavista leader who had them cleaned, gave them IDs and took them to vote for Chavez, alas today they are back to square one. 21st Century Socialism, that's how it's called.

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