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Ken Livingstone cancels trip to Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 06.11.06 | I was meant to be interviewed by ITV News today about Ken Livingstone's visit. Allegedly tomorrow BBC London News will air my views regarding the oil deal that London's Mayor was so keen on signing with Hugo Chavez. A journalist from the Evening Standard called me for comment, another from The Times did the same... It's not that I have suddenly become a pundit, rather the combination of circumstances worked in Venezuela's advantage. Average per capita income in London is roughly 30,000/year. Less than 1% of Venezuelans can claim to earn that amount, on the contrary the majority live on much less than 3,000/year. Yet leech Livingstone and his lieutenants were ever so keen in sealing the oil for propaganda deal, at the expense of Venezuela's people. News report suggest that the trip got cancelled due to Chavez's electoral agenda, however nothing can be further from the truth. Fact is Red Ken's Caribbean holiday -at London's taxpayer's expense- has been roundly condemned in all political quarters of London. Fact is Red Ken's lack of humanity will cost him dearly. Fact is the oil for propaganda deal will never be signed. Fact is Hugo Chavez didn't consider important to entertain his chief spinmeister in the UK.

I was also meant to brief presidential candidate Manuel Rosales on the Chavez-Livingstone deal since he was eager to learn the details of it. In any case it's worth pointing out the relevance that Livingstone has in Chavez's scheme of things. Livingstone, as every other international apologist of the Bolivarian revolution, is nothing but a useful idiot to be called upon as convenient. Chavez goes to London and Red Ken forbids entry to City Hall to regular folks opposing the former's regime. Red Ken comes to Venezuela and not a single representative from the Chavez regime has the time of day to meet with him. Quite telling, innit?

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