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From Rafael Ramirez to Hugo Chavez, they all come out of the fascist closet once and for all

By Daniel Duquenal

04.11.06 | So yesterday we had Ramirez caught on video threatening violence against those employees within PDVSA that would not put politics in support of the great leader above their work.

Then we had the Vice President Rangel state that it was all good, that they were the democrats and that the other side was not.

And of course the ring circus leader had to come today and support his Oil Minister. Not only Chavez supported him, but he demanded that Ramirez kept forcing PDVSA employees to work for the revolution. And he packed with PDVSA workers the armed force that are with the revolution, meaning of course that they will do all what is necessary for the revolution to continue.

Chavez also added that come next March the private media will be closed. He threatened to close them but since he will be reelected for 6 years with a 100% monochromatic national assembly, we know that he will not tolerate ever again damaging videos to his rule shown on TV. Thus we know the messengers will be shot and all the private TV licenses will be revoked (or forced to be sold to pro Chavez interests, Fujimori did something of the sorts, nothing new in LatAm). He announced it today, it has become an electoral promise, and thus he will fulfill the will of the people next year to shut down private media.

I am not going to insult the intelligence of the reader in explaining why all of this is pure fascism. I will limit myself to state that now in Venezuela we know what is in store for us if Chavez is reelected next December 3. It is clear, it is precise, there will be no excuses for those who vote for him to come back later and say they were sorry, they “did not know”. Concentration camp / Gulag camps guards “did not know” “were following orders” etc…

The script is written.

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PS: the globovision page requires now to pay for the video. However RCTV has its version here. YouTube is not out with the video yet.

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