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Manuel Rosales announces construction of railway for Eastern Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

Maturin 02.11.06 | Presidential candidate Manuel Rosales has just announced from this city that a railway network will be constructed in this area of eastern Venezuela, which is one of the richest in terms of oil and gas resources. Rosales also announced that the monies that have been earmarked to construct a refinery in Cuba will be used instead in revamping the Caripito refinery here in Monagas state. "He [Chavez] wants to waste our monies in Cuba, I want to invest Venezuelan monies in Venezuela" remarked Rosales.

Rosales referred to Chavez's policy of subsidising Cuba as utterly irresponsible. "How come this region is affected by energy cuts and blackouts? How come there's so much unemployment in this oil-rich area? It is due to the irresponsible and unpredictable oil policy of the incumbent and his obsession of propping up the Cuban dictator" said Rosales.

On a different note sources within chavismo reported that military chief Raul Baduel warned Chavez with regards to respecting whatever electoral result is produced on December 3 as rumours of a state-staged coup keep circulating.

Carlos Acosta from CNB asked about the latest poll from Alfredo Keller that has Hugo Chavez with 52% and Manuel Rosales with 48% of vote intention respectively. Rosales replied by saying that there's much talk about polls lately, mocking results that place his candidacy up to 30% behind that of the incumbent. "If I'm doing so badly in these polls, why is it that the government keeps talking about my candidacy? One thing is certain, the people of Venezuela are eager to hear a new proposal, a fresh plan to kickstart the country's real development. The current administration has nothing to offer after 8 years of failures, that's why I keep surging in polls while the incumbent keeps sinking" concluded Rosales.

Today Rosales will visit Tucupita in Delta Amacuro state and San Fernando de Apure.

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