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On Manuel Rosales v Hugo Chavez debate

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 24.10.06 | To be frank I am astounded by the reaction that Rosales' invitation to debate Chavez has caused. We see how the Hero of the Military Museum -as historian Manuel Caballero aptly calls coward Hugo Chavez who hidden beneath a desk in Caracas' Military Museum 'commanded' the coup in 1992- recurs to a repertoire of pathetic excuses and condescending attitudes to debate not with the other presidential candidate. Therefore we see how the über warrior, the reincarnation of The Liberator and Che Guevara, the heir of Fidel, Thuggo Chavez [hat tip LGF], cowers before a politician, mocks his intelligence demonstrating yet again the utter disrespect he has for the less educated, argues that debating Rosales would be like debating a six year old from a Bolivarian school nonetheless and orders his horde of minions to insult his opponent. What a show folks. Fact is Thuggo Chavez lacks the capacity to maintain a coherent debate under strict time rules. For can anyone imagine the megalomanic caudillo giving a straight answer in 2 minutes about any topic?

The good thing is that the country is watching. On one side a purportedly challenged candidate wants to discuss real issues that affect Venezuelans with a gifted extraordinaire who is trying to avoid the debate even at the cost of his supermacho persona. The alleged challenged candidate has been announcing all sorts of plans to tackle poverty, crime, unemployment, housing, etc. Further tomorrow he will present his government plan. The other, Thuggo that is, is yet to present one credible proposal beyond the "vote against the devil" or "if you love me give me your vote" or "to win or to die" campaigns. An imbecile can probably come up with a better strategy.

Thuggo is not going to debate Rosales, that's for sure. As the coward he has always been he dreads public humiliation, which is exactly what he will suffer should he decide to face Rosales. Chavez has never confronted his enemies face to face, ever. In 1992 he duped a bunch of soldiers and directed the coup from the safety of the Military Museum. In 2002, ensconced in the presidential palace, he ordered deployment of tanks -i.e. Plan Avila- to stop innocent marchers to reach Miraflores. In the international front he always spews his nonsense from the safety of distance.

And at last a Venezuelan politico is addressing dictator Castro in appropriate fashion. "Fidel give Chavez permission to debate with me" Rosales demanded before the country yesterday. However the Cuban ruler is in no position to advice his protegé any longer and that explains the many chavista blunders of late. Rosales' request also portrays Chavez in correct dimension, as nothing more that an errand boy of Fidel.

Will Chavez take the bait? I'm taking bets...

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