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Chavez's pals, Venezuela's shame

By Daniel Duquenal

09.10.06 | It is important to always remind what Chavez pals are up to as it is a sure sign of where Venezuela is headed up: not democracy. This weekend we were shaken by the assassination of a noted Russian journalist that wrote too much about exposing the Putin excesses, his authoritarianism, his violations of elemental civil rights in Chechnya (and elsewhere). The memorial (and comments) were held yesterday. The Washington Post is clear: "The Putin era of brutality claims a victim of rare courage".

Let's look again at the recent condemnation of Venezuela by the Interamerican Press Association (IAPA) which is questioning again freedom of expression in Venezuela as 1) free press is forced to apply some form of self censorship while 2) the state is paying from its own pocket (tax payer) the construction of a media empire of which there is no precedent in LatAm (in English here). While it is not idle to remind that journalists have been killed in Venezuela (5 since 2002, plus uncounted agressions).

Meanwhile another of Chavez friends decided to go ahead and blow up its first nuke.

All these lefties that support Chavez from the comfort and security of their first world abodes, what do they think of that? Is it OK to kill annoying journalists? Should Chavez kill, say, Roberto Giusti? Patricia Poleo? Should he support another mentally unstable regime such as Iran get a nuke whose only target is some Western world city?

Just asking as I know no valid answer will come.

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