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Hugo Chavez offers Venezuela's blood

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 09.10.06 | One of the things that in my opinion demonstrates how divorced Hugo Chavez is from Venezuela's reality is his offer to shed Venezuelans' blood in conflicts that have nothing to do with this country. Thus one sees huge billboards in Caracas' highways that read "No to the war on Lebanon," coupled with Chavez's announcements that should the US attack Iran "Venezuelan blood will be spilled." Moving on one sees the entire country covered in fatalistic official propaganda that reads "To win or to die" as if Venezuela were in a state of war. Chavez's warmongering is of course replicated a million times in the vast state-controlled media network. Additionaly his lackeys underwent some form of revolutionary neurosurgery whereby the brain was replaced by a parrotting mechanism. Examples abound however I will refer to the latest announcement made by Venezuelan Ambassador to Bolivia Julio Montes affirming that Venezuela will defend with its lives and blood Morales's revolution in Bolivia.

To be frank it is rather difficult to imagine what sort of adultered dope these people are snorting for, apart from a handful of sycophants that have enrich themselves beyond their wildest dreams and may or may not consider risk their lives, no one in this country is prepared to shed blood or to die for Chavez, let alone for his imperialist ambitions.

The caudillo is showing weakness. For the first time in years he is reacting to the agenda set up by opposition candidate Manuel Rosales. The saying "what my enemies don't understand is that Hugo Chavez is not Hugo Chavez but the people of Venezuela" does not ring true any longer. The people of Venezuela are not Hugo Chavez. On the contrary the nationwide expressions of support for Manuel Rosales are but evidence of the sheer disgust that common folks have vis-a-vis a president hellbent in denying reality. While people are worried about rampant crime, unemployment, poverty, etc. Chavez keeps talking about global revolutions, about sending Venezuelans to fight and die in other countries, about unsubstantiated assassination plots, in sum the man has indeed lost the plot.

Venezuela will not shed its blood for other peoples, as a matter of fact Venezuela did not shed its blood for Hugo Chavez, for let us not forget that when he resigned after having ordered on 11 April 2002 the killings of innocent marchers through Plan Avila, less than 10.000 people went to the presidential palace to request his return, which came about thanks to the very same military that had asked for his resignation and not due to 'the people's' intervention.

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