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Why Hugo Chavez should get the UN Security Council seat

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 02.10.06 | There's much talk in Venezuelan political circles about Hugo Chavez's bid for a non-permanent, non-veto seat in the UN's Security Council. For the most part internationalists, former and current diplomats and politicos are enraged by the prospect of Hugo abusing the UN's platform to berate his foes. I think they are missing the picture mainly for two reasons.

Firstly the egomaniac caudillo is absolutely convinced that he is beyond Venezuelan problems. His presidential campaign has been utterly mediocre thus far, for his interests lay elsewhere. Chavez's lack of focus is a gift to Manuel Rosales and should Hugo win the seat he will most probably spend a lot of time in sanitized environments in New York City.

Secondly should Hugo get the seat and be defeated in December, as probably will happen, the Rosales administration will have the perfect platform from which to begin mending Venezuela's credibility problem before the international community.

In my opinion this is a win win situation. Hugo Chavez is hard at work in comitting political suicide. As Joe Napolitan said "when your political opponent is comitting suicide, get out of his way." Let Hugo turn UN sessions in replicas of his weekly tirades and just reap the benefits.

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