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Hugo Chavez threatens Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

Caracas 26.09.06 | On 16 August 2004 I was asked for comment regarding the recall referendum in Venezuela by the BBC World Service. I vividly remember having been greeted by the journalists in Bush House with the news that Jimmy Carter would give the imprimatur to the recall, even before the news conference in Caracas whereby Carter assured the world that the whole thing had been an exercise in transparency and fairness took place. I guess Carter's agreement with Chavez was the world's worst kept secret. Cindy Polemis wanted to hear my impressions about the process, but more importantly, she wanted to know whether the opposition would resort to violent means to reject the rigged results. Interestingly in the week prior to the recall Minister of Energy Rafael Ramirez, CVG union boss Ramon Machuca and other revolutionary leaders had said that recalling Chavez would mean immediate disruption of oil supplies, instability and chaos. The source of these statements was officialdom for no opposition politico had been on the record making such preposterous claims.

As the presidential race heats up Chavez has started again with his threats. He said on Sunday that a defeat at the polls would cause a popular revolt led by Cubans. Furthermore he said he will reject opposition's destabilizing plans, topic that had already been discussed with Chiefs of Staff. So here we have a man that refuses to recognize the electoral win of president-elect Calderon in Mexico and approves of AMLO's destabilizing measures, threatening Venezuelans with military and paramilitary violence should he lose the race. Hugo, the great democrat, affirmed that Venezuela can only be governed by him.

And then some still believe this thug is up to the task of being the president of this country... In the meanwhile he has announced that the opposition is looking for trouble for it needs one martyr, while his troops go on shooting practices to test the newly acquired Russian toys. The time of the bullet proof vest has arrived.

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