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Venezuela to foot Hugo Chavez's bill

By Aleksander Boyd

London 09.09.06 | The US State Department has, at last, started taking appropriate measures to deal with Hugo Chavez, a man who befriends and protects terrorists. It's a welcomed step in the right direction. The withdrawing of visas to philochavistas, such as deputy Luis Tascon, must be followed by freezing of assets and bank accounts. But other dye in the wool operatives of the Chavez regime ought to be treated the same way. For instance Smartmatic, whose international HQ is located in Miami, should be thoroughly investigated for their purchase of Sequoia is nothing but an attempt at replicating in US soil Chavez's trademark elections rigging, as demonstrated in Chicago.

The closure of a military-equipment purchasing office in Miami is equally a good decision, after all the US could do without Ahmadinejad's little buddy piling up a weapons arsenal only a stone throw away. Additionaly we saw on 15 May how the US banned further arm sales to Venezuela, allegedly for not cooperating fully in anti-terror programmes. Well allow me to say that it is not that Hugo Chavez is not fully cooperating, he's not cooperating at all! As evidence shows Venezuela under his tenure has become not only a haven for terrorists -that are given protection, citizenship and nearly a 1 million square kilometres base from where to conduct their operations- but the launching pad for the Colombian narcoguerrilla's and drug cartels international trade. Only some days ago another 3,5 tonnes of cocaine were seized in the Canary Islands in a vessel coming from Venezuela [see here].

Apart from that could Chavez public displays of love with the world's worse dictators, rogue leaders and terrorist groups be construed any differently? Is it not true that he halted commercial and diplomatic relations with Colombia over the capture of an internationally wanted narcoterrorist, read Rodrigo Granda, in the streets of Caracas? Is it not true that he forbade, as early as 1999, DEA flights over Venezuelan territory? Is it not true that he refers to Carlos "the Jackal" as his "distinguished compatriot"? How about his votes in lockstep with Cuba and Syria in favour of Iran's nuclear programme development? Mind you can this thug truly expect to be treated any other way?

The US administration should also take a closer look at the staff and activities of that propaganda office operating in 2000 P Street NW, Ste. 240 Washington, DC 20036, for I am certain they are breaking one or two laws.

In the past I have argued that the best policy the US can implement vis-a-vis Hugo Chavez is to completely ignore him in public, avoiding at all cost microphone diplomacy, and take whatever necessary measures in private. I have also argued that since Chavez has made a point of showing to the world that he is the sole owner of our country's resources, using them specifically to further his agenda, the Bush administration would do well in telling him to shovel his oil up his ass, and then sit to see how long his military and leeching cronies will allow him to remain in power. As a matter of fact, here's a way the US can force Chavez to accept free and democratic elections: stop buying from him. The sad part is that Venezuela, which is an altogether separate entity, will ultimately foot the bill for the insanities of this deranged fellow that should have never been allowed out of prison.

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