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Venezuela has the government it deserves

By Aleksander Boyd

"Every nation has the government -and the opposition- it deserves"

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.” Albert Einstein

London 08.08.06 | I thought I was opposing Chavez: I thought chavismo could be defeated… until realization came; driving along the Tramontana range, eating fantastic dishes in Valldemossa, Port Des Canonge and Cala Tuent I had enough time to think about the pertinence of continuing with the business of denouncing the abuses of Chavez. I started this enterprise nearly four years ago. Back then I was unable to write a half coherent article in English; however that did not deter me for I was convinced of the necessity of countering the global propaganda in favour of the Venezuelan caudillo. That was my goal. Thinking retrospectively I can only rejoice at my success. In this time I have taken issue with major news networks; I have exposed their lax journalistic practices and lack of objectivity; I have contributed in no small part with the generalized perception that Hugo Chavez is far from being the best thing that could have happened to our country; often I uncovered the many lies coming from the regime and its organs of propaganda; in sum what I set out to do I did. In this time I have seldom spoken of or criticized the political opposition in Venezuela. However they are equally responsible for the sad situation affecting our country for Hugo Chavez is but their Frankenstein, product of half a century of neglect and selfish practices on the part of those who alternated in power.

Fellow blogger Daniel wrote about the hiatus in my writings “It is no accident that Alek Boyd is the most hated and vilified person for the chavista propagandists. That he did not manage to gain unconditional love from the opposition ranks is a witness that he did something right” and, frankly, I couldn’t agree more. Independent thinkers are evenly despised across the political spectrum; the unwillingness to toe party lines makes one an enemy of all.

Chavez will continue in power until he wishes; to affirm that he is, by far, the best politician that Venezuela has had in the last decade is an understatement. Sometimes I wonder what could have happened had I decided to go cheer him in October 2002 in Oxford, most probably I would have been appointed minister or ambassador or electoral boss and surely my finances would not be in the red, as they are. And at this point in time I have to thank Chavez: the balance of his legacy will be a negative one for sure, but among the positive things that all Venezuelans must feel grateful for is for him to have shown the world how utterly useless the opposition truly is. My political activism has taken me places; I have met with a great deal of people in different countries/continents; high officials, ambassadors, politicians, industrialists, and all of them told me the same thing “what’s the alternative?

The tragedy for independents like me is that we do not have political representation; ergo the answer to the question above is “there isn’t.” Petkoff does not represent me, however among all the candidates currently running –and there are one too many- he was the only one strong minded enough to tell the country “this is what needs to be done and that’s what we shall do” however wrong his premises could have been.

I hate to think that the future of my country lies on the hands of people like El Conde del Guacharo, Cecilia Sosa or Sumate. The conclusion that I reached a while ago is that it’s best to let Chavez do his thing, perhaps when he accomplishes the complete and total destruction of Venezuela a new generation of politicians truly committed to the development of the country and all of its inhabitants will rise from the ashes. In the meanwhile better to “sit out” the storm, get popcorns and enjoy the show.

I thought chavismo and human stupidity were different things, fortunately realization came. As the saying goes “every nation has the government –and the opposition- it deserves.” Venezuelans are paying the consequences of their own stupidity and lack of political engagement. My commitment towards my country will remain in lethargy until the majority realizes that it’s only in their power to change things for the better. Until that moment comes better to devote to other more fulfilling causes, such as to expose Red Ken as a supporter of terrorism.

To conclude I would like to inform readers of this site that updating will become scarcer as time elapses. The token rant from now on will be devoted to expose the sheer stupidity and irresponsibility of the opposition in the current debacle. The search engine will continue working until further notice; there is enough information in there to bury Chavez and his sycophantic cronies for life and for current state of affairs I recommend to visit Daniel's and Miguel's blogs regularly; they are in the thick of it, which makes them obliged point of reference for sane, objective and balanced reporting.

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