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The BBC and London open up to Venezuela's reality

By Aleksander Boyd

London 15.05.06 | To be frank I am absolutely flabbergasted folks. The BBC interviewed me 5 times this morning, much to the chagrin of Hugo Chavez's cheerleaders. First thing in the morning I spoke to BBC Five Live; then I debated Tariq Ali in the Today's Programme; I then made my way to London City Hall where Ken Livingstone had the great, and certainly democratic idea (thanks Ken you made our case just fine mate), of forbidding our entrance to the City Hall building; back to Millbank studios to comment for BBC World Service and The Daily Politics TV programme and finally debate yet another 'Venezuelan pundit' John Rees from George Galloway's Respect's party in Jeremy Vine's radio show.

What a fantastic experience. Oh and I was also interviewed by ITV London News. Victims of political violence were given the chance to expose their experiences and evidence.

As Bob Neill, leader of the London Assembly Conservatives, stated poignantly "we are seeing fascism at work here at the London City Hall."

Not only were we denied the opportunity to offer an alternative opinion by Red Ken's security staff, John Rees had no qualms in admitting that he had a problem with me spending the whole morning commenting on Chavez's visit on the BBC. If they thought that they stood to gain from Chavez's visit, well, think again, for the whole world saw their true colours today and their actions speak volumes. The tolerance for dissent that these 'democrats' have equals that of their new found leader.

My reckoning is that Ken Livingstone, Labour MP Colin Burgon, John Rees, Tariq Ali and the rest of the brigade of British apologists of the caudillo have received today Chavez's kiss of death; perhaps they would like to consult with Humala or Lopez Obrador about the meaning of it.

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