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Re Chavez's visit to London

By Aleksander Boyd

London 09.05.06 | Many people have contacted me to find out whether there are any events planned. Known as the one who not only used to organize rallies and cacerolazos but also signature collection drives and so on, I guess some of my countrymen were expecting me to do something with regards to Chavez's visit next week. Well I have done, only this time my reaction has been a calculated one and certainly far more efficient than the loudest protest, for our message will be read today in the four corners of the world.

Initially I revealed that the Honorary Degree that was alleged to be confered upon Hugo Chavez was nothing but a lie, invented by the Venezuelan Ambassador to Britain to make the boss look good prior to his visit.

Today, I am pleasantly surprised by the publication in The Times of an article of mine regarding the said visit highlighting a sentence from it as "Quote of the Day."

As a society we need to realise the importance of upping the ante when it comes to oppose the caudillo effectively. And a way to do so is to expose the regime for what it is and not for the image its propagandists want to make of it. In the meanwhile I would leave readers with The Times Quote of the Day:

Venezuela has ceased to be a real democracy: it now exists instead in the murky twilight world between democracy and dictatorship.

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