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Racism European style

By Aleksander Boyd

London 02.05.06 | Warning: readers that may have a sensibility for swearing words are adviced to read not this piece. Often I visit the comment sections of some of my Venezuelan fellow bloggers. There's a distinct difference between the quality of comments when there are no PSFs (acronym for Pendejos Sin Fronteras otherwise known as the troop of foreign idiots that pretend to know better than Venezuelans what's in our best interest), and when these imbeciles clog threads. Unfortunately the quality of the debate suffers, for the chavista-apologist-scum brings nothing of value to it. But some other times, when PC issues are mentioned, the intrinsic racism of European or American pundits shines through.

I have read in respected leftist blogs that sometimes armed struggle is the only viable solution against problems. I have also seen how fundamentalists have had no qualms in parading in the streets of civilised cities with placards that read "behead those who insult Islam," whilst being absolutely silent with respect to those who kill and terrorise in order to gain entrance to some wretched version of heaven. Equally I have witnessed reputable individuals singing the praises of communism, Fidel Castro and even advocating the exculpation of Nazi criminals. But when I, as a Venezuelan, decide to call Chavez a pariah, a deranged fella or a fucking pillow biter all hell brakes loose at my critics' quarters, who quickly accuse me of being racist.

Am I racist to some armchair revolutionaries and assorted barking moonbats? Indeed I am, so fucking what?

Ergo I feel I need to argue my case, as I just did in one of those comment sections. I am racist, of the intellectual kind. What this means is that I absolutely loathe people who treat me condescendingly due to my political opinions. I can not even bear the thought of tolerating some clueless European, or American, to pretend that just on the basis of ethnicity its stance about the political crisis in my country is of greater moral value, superior, more righteous or valid than mine. What's more if the shared perception amongst that lot is that I am a racist so be it, for I couldn't care less about the opinions of such intellectually dishonest rabble. But the issue goes beyond mere comment sections. Mind you even to entertain the idea that to have been born in a given place or having a given nationality automatically establishes the fact that one's utterances are to be given special consideration is just so messed up, and so endemic of civilised societies, that only through being equally obnoxious, in one's case racist, is any respect to be gained, or at least refrainment from such idiots to even converse with one.

Europe is, excusing my French, fucked and the reason is the very attitude of Europeans, ever betting on the wrong horse. I am yet to see European, or American, leftists applying the same condescending formula to Muslims. Wonder why would that be. Could it be because they are scared shitless of the consequences of adopting such postures with true fundamentalists? Could it be because deep inside they envy the fear that fundamentalism generates in people? Or would it be more appropriate to argue that they don't piss that bunch off for they're too close for comfort?

Either way it's impossible to have the best of all worlds. Freedom of expression is one of the quintessentials pillars of these societies, and as some use it to suck it up to dictators some others, such as myself, use it to demonstrate how untenable the former position is. It follows then that the exercise of that right comports the withstanding of criticism or so called racist stances. However no one should be fooled into believing that Europeans, or Americans, are not racists. Furthermore the race card was introduced in Venezuela's political debate after some damned 'cognoscenti' adviced Hugo Chavez to use it and trump it for his own benefit. Utterly despicable, in fact there aren't strong enough adjectives to describe such an ignominy. But as any action produces an equal reaction payback time shall come, from the Muslim camp in Europe and from the Latino camp in the US.

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