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Why Hugo Chavez isn't known by the company he keeps?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 29.04.06 | Some days ago fellow Venezuelan blogger Francisco Toro placed on the right navigation bar of his blog a picture section entitled "Dime con quien andas..." which is Spanish for "a man is known for the company he keeps." It is a brilliant idea, I mean that of presenting graphically what is often difficult to summarise verbally. Therefore borrowing from him and following his lead here is this set of pictures. Hugo Chavez has made a great deal of effort in establishing bonds with rogue regimes that run contrary to Venezuela's democratic traditions and interests. In fact the deceitful coupster never mentioned during his campaign that his intentions were to take Venezuela down the international isolation path. More worryingly his administration has characterised itself for its support and leniency towards narco-guerrilla activities. Thus in view of his very public friendships with outcasts, why would the civilised world treat Chavez differently?

Which is the only country that has voted twice in favour of Iran's nuclear programme?

Which is the country that has oxigenated the longest ruling dictatorship in the Western Hemisphere?

Which is the country that has confered honourary accolades to one of Africa's most brutal dictators?

Who was the first head of State to visit Saddam Hussein after the Gulf War?

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