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Students stop for 3rd time election of Buenos Aires University's head

By Tony Pagliaro

18.04.06 | Under the amazing Kirchner´s administration, Argentina has become a country totally out of control. A new example of its complete and open disrespect for the law is now provided at the University level. The students of the University of Buenos Aires, for the third time in a row, have not allowed the convening of a meeting of its General Assembly to elect and appoint the University's new head (the "Rector") to replace the present one, whose statutory mandate is now overdue.

The Marxist "Federación Universitaria de Buenos Aires" (FUBA), made up of students, forcefully occupied the premises where the meeting was to take place, thus impeding the election. Nobody dared to oppose. Nobody requested the eviction of the students. Probably nobody will.

The problem is that the FUBA students do not approve the likely appointment of the present Dean of the University's Law School, Dr. Atilio Alterini, as Rector of the University, and therefore are trying to prevent, by force, that from occuring.

They do object Alterini because he allegedly was a low officer of the military administration, back in 1981. And probably because Alterini is not a marxist himself, notwithstanding the fact that he recently invited both Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez to speak at the Law School, much to the regret and dismay of law abiding citizens.

This is a new version of "ethnic cleansing" that has been put in motion by marxist students. This much for tolerance. This much for freedom. This much for respect of the law.

FUBA is behaving like the rest of Argentina, i.e. in a vacuum generated by the lack of enforcement of the law, trying instead to pursue what it wants by intimidation, bullying and force.

This occurs in the strange scenario provided by Néstor Kirchner, who simply refuses to enforce the law, which is rather unusual for a President. And complemented by a Judiciary that claims, as some believe, that "while there is poverty, there are no crimes, nor criminals."

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