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Open Letter To Alderman Ed Burke

By Aleksander Boyd

Dear Mr. Burke,

I know what you are going through, been there done that... I know what it means to be attacked by 'pro democracy' fellas, such as David Orr. I felt the same disgust you're feeling now when those e-voting machines provided by Smartmatic ran over our democracy in August 2004. In our case, there never were hearings or audits, worse still those responsible not only walked but went to your country to spread Hugo Chavez's 'participatory democracy,' whereby it is not votes what decides elections but who counts them, away from scrutiny, away from prying eyes.

Imagine, those very successful young entrepreneurs from Smartmatic sold the operating software of the machines to our electoral council, which denies citizens the right to know in detail how the machines run due to "commercial reasons."

But never expect those who attack you today to support democracy and accountability. On the contrary prep yourself for an unrelentless fight for whatever definition of transparency you hold dear.

I can tell you, and any other interested party, a thing or two about those Smartmatic machines, its vendors, its connections to the dictator in my country and his Cuban padrino. I can also relay some factual information on how democratic processes have deteriorated in Venezuela since the e-voting 'solution' was implemented.

Feel confident that investigating Sequoia and its parent company is the right thing to do. Furthermore I shall give you a piece of advice, try and get some information on the relationship between David Orr, Smartmatic/Sequoia, the Venezuelan Consul in Chicago Martin Sanchez and the diplomatic chief of mission in DC Bernardo Alvarez Herrera, who happens to be related to Smartmatic's owners. The findings may shock you.

To conclude remember that shooting the messenger, the favourite technique of 'pro-democracy' types, never works and don't expect them to address relevant issues such as why after more than two weeks voters in Cook County still don't know the final results of the election. Your assumption that Hugo Chavez is trying to interfere in US elections is right on the money, ergo don't waste any time with sycophants and keep asking questions, after all the defence of democracy is a tall order.


Aleksander Boyd

PS: perhaps other victims-of-Smartmatic might feel compelled to send you support messages (, so do not be overwhelmed by it.

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