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Hugo Chavez Demands that all Nations Become Increasingly Un-Free

By Pedro Camargo

24.03.06 | This week, Chavez’s Deputy Foreign Minister Pavel Rondon whined that Ecuador must stop blaming Venezuela for funding destructive insurgents inside Ecuador. Venezuelan mouth organs claim that Mexico is harming its sovereign right to meddle in Mexico’s politics (through its hand picked Chavez center fold, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador) by not silencing Spain’s Aznar for his defense of open democracy in Mexico. Chavez constantly rails at the free world as his own world is increasingly un-free. Pay attention here: Chavez is a megalomaniac who demands his right to interfere in every other nation he sets his sights on to and then blasts any other opinion not his. This is not sane thinking: it is a call for cult-like obeisance to Chavez’s minions and foot soldiers for the Chavez-Castro insurrection.

As we have stated here before, a quick review of Chavez’s total military weapons buying spree –a full build up coupled with his total command over all national police, national guard, and military (under the 8-05 LOFAN laws)- crowns Chavez as a fascist leader who is preparing for an invasion. Which is an act of aggression unsanctioned and unwarranted. No other interpretation of Chavez’s actions suffices. Chavez’s regime is pouring billions of Venezuelan petro-dollars into a systematic propaganda machine, as well as a large-scale oil for political bribery scheme. Thus, this fascist regime is a 500 pound gorilla with a mighty appetite for deception and thuggery.

It is our hope that men of good message, such as Jose Maria Aznar will never be silenced, no matter how much Hugo Chavez demands that he has no right to free speech in Mexico. It is a well known phenomenon that Mexico, for all its freedoms gained of late, is close to voting Hugo Chavez in to its presidential office under Lopez Obrador, who has vowed to terminate Mexico’s NAFTA treaties and plunge Mexico into dark poverty in the name of the socialist Bolivarian brotherhood, whatever that is.

In Peru, a brutal smear campaign is underway against any who stand against the Chavez-Bolivarian political machine. A wholly unacceptable presidential candidate, Humala is close to being elected as leader of Peru. Today, Humala is looking to the media cameras as if he was under Bill Delahunt’s campaign managing team, complete with Palm Beach style tee shirts, a new hair cut a la Cape Cod, and a bevy of bottle blondes at his side. At the same time, his father wants us to know that Peru’s next president should release all Shining Path terrorists now under arrest. This should strike terror into any Peruvian because, as all Latins know, it is not just the one person elected to their presidential seat: their presidencies are run en famille, en suite. And the famille Humala is a mess of crude Chavista corruptions waiting to happen. Inexplicably, the U.S. “policy leaders” want us to believe -incredulously- that Humala will somehow miraculously convert to some benign clone of Ecuador’s Lucio Gutierrez, who voluntarily resigned his presidential post last April, as the head of Ecuador’s national police tearily confessed to his complicity, under Gutierrez, to cause harm and death to non-state actors and his commandeering of presidential hit squads that created a reign of terror for Ecuadoreans last year. Rather than delivering existing documentation of Humala’s penchant for hideously creepy military costumes, this would-be militaristic dictator in drag is right out of Mel Brooks’s The Producers: a parody of preening fascists. Today, Humala is under strict menu of political handlers to deliver the photo op moments of a cheerful Humala in clean cut Kennedyesque athletic poses for the press. Nowhere to be seen are the creepy theatrical ethnocentrist cult costumes in his closet. Even so, under Chavez’s plan for the Andean nations, the delicious Mel Brooks could never be known and today he would be tossed in prison as a literary “traitor” for poking fun at tin pot dictators and fascists.

In Ecuador, we can hope that Alfredo Palacio delivers official requests for fact- based analysis, not only from his own team, but also from international observers as to the co-opting of Ecuador’s military, media and state offices by well-greased Chavez-backed operators. It is incumbent for Palacio to hold the tools needed to inform Ecuadoreans as to the source of the funds applied to rip apart their republic. To fail to do so comprises a dereliction of duty, not just by the weakened Palacio, but by the larger international community. But Palacio is stymied not only by his reticence, but a wobbly inner circle who have failed to assist in factual analysis.

Fearing reprisals by the pro-Chavez activists inside Ecuador, as well as the growing roster of unthinkable business and governmental leaders rushing to profiteer with Chavez’s cronies and their new best friends from the FARC, Ecuador is facing the death of its own sovereignty due to inaction and laziness. Rather than wrongly avoiding the root issues at hand in Ecuador, and denying President Palacio what he has requested, the international community has once again turned its back on Ecuador, casting that small nation adrift in a sea of ignorance, some by its own making and the rest enhanced by the foolish notion that ignorance is truly bliss. This state of bliss in the Andes is fraudulent at best, complicitly conforming to Chavez’s demands that we all must say nothing factually, even as ignorance is promoted. Embarrassing as all this is, numerous pockets remain stubbornly enshrined to insist that the Chavez-Bolivarian plan will raise the “poor” from the beds of death and place them in some socialist heaven where their lives will be better. What candidate in a natural state could possibly stand up to the mighty backing by the U.S. and Chavez (one and the same in Ecuador), which now prejudices the political playing field?

Acting more like the 1940’s Vichy Government of France, which jumped in to bed with Adolf Hitler faster than a French whore, the U.S. must end this foolish game that ignorance is bliss in the Andes and that ignoring Chavez’s money, weapons, acts of destruction and his bald nation-grabbing scheme is somehow just great, as long as we abide by Chavez’s dictates and utter not one word of factual analysis.

Assuming that Ecuador, with Peru and Bolivia, will this year become a Chavez-held petro-state, again based on faulty analysis, the U.S. has hastened to incorrectly support political actors of low caliber, assuming that these feckless, avowed socialists can be converted to some mythical benign neo-communism. To be sure, foolish sub-denizens of the U.S. government, who control large chunks of U.S. dollars, believe that if political leaders can successfully survive the Jimmy Carter wash, rinse and spin cycle and eschew false promises made to somehow act as benign socialists under the cloak of some more tepid idealogy, all will be well. And the money is rolling out. Rather than celebrating this new world foreign policy of double speak (claiming that it is expedient), far better to actually perform a day’s work to engender leaders of high caliber, instead of hastily shutting down the open field of play before it commences in Ecuador, as is the case today. By declaring that there is no viable candidate in Ecuador, the USA has ridiculously begun to back inappropriate measures and actors. Perhaps with the best of North American intentions (it is not clear here), it is not too late to rectify these Bolivarian take-over plans before July. In other words, the U.S. should cease its support for buffoons, drag queens, and clowns across Latin America. It seems too much to ask this of the OAS. Rather than permitting second and third tier USG operatives to ignore the National Security Strategy of the U.S., abandoning its common sense tenants of democracy sustaining reforms because these sycophants have deemed the call of liberty as `too tough,’ the U.S. can today commence straight talk and fact sharing. Joining with Kofi Annan, George Soros’s groups and the OAS, the new Bolivarians tell us that democracy must be altered to some quasi-statist central people’s government (aka communism). Thus, in 2006, hapless Latins will democratically elect the end of their own nascent republics.

The current crop of buffoonish clowns, in drag for the Bolivarian Revolution, all third rate actors in this drama, and enabled by sleepy sycophants, limousine liberals and corrupt actors smelling a quick buck from dirty regimes, are about to hand the world its worst nightmare: the Chavez domain. Make no mistake about it. Chavez is preparing an invasion. Paving the way are the new tanks of domination: dishonor and dishonesty.

There remains only one antidote to the disease of totalitarianism as seen today in the Chavez take-over plan: honor and honesty. If liberty is to finally gain a toe-hold, then liberty must be defended, cherished and given room to grow. Clownish men in costumes, active drunks who have no goals, and presidents who inform us that reading and education is a waste of time, suggesting that we drink coca drinks instead of nutritious, healthy diets gives great pause to consider what we are doing to elevate such a dishonorable crew of buffoons.

In two months’ time, the USA itself will be visited by the clamoring propagandists from Cuba and Venezuela to insist that the USA too silence itself against the forces of fascism. This is a nifty trick: engineer a new hatred of democracy ostensibly because democracy does not help the deserving poor as fast as communism is able to do.

Seductively, these Chavez-Castro agents demand our silence as they rampage across history, insisting that the poor will be furthered only by their hand under their plan, as if this is an unassailable fact, which of course it is not. Liberty’s light is buffeted by these winds of dishonesty, selling us a false sense of reality. Education and fact sharing combat ignorance. Contrary to what Evo Morales tells us, education is invaluable and is the only sustainable ticket out of wide spread misery. Contrary to what Hugo Chavez tells us, free speech and an open media is invaluable. Contrary to what Humala of Peru wants to tell us, men in drag costumes are scary. And contrary to what Leon Roldos of Ecuador wants us to believe, now said to be their next president, all the U.S. paid tours of duty for Roldos with U.S. political campaign managers from the democratic party, will never hide the fact that Roldos has stated his aversion to fair play for U.S. companies and his predilections to the Bolivarian Revolution. Democracy’s endowment deserves better than this panoply of buffoons. Indeed, democracy warrants a de minimis attention to core esteem when or where deserved, born only by actors of honor and honest leadership and not simply because they are hand maidens of the liberty-destroying Bolivarian take-over of the Andes.

Who in this boffo performance stands for integrity? Who stands for democracy’s tenants? This is not the moment in history to elevate cynicism and the shop-worn mantra that political expediency is the best choice. The choices for Andean nations have never been more stark: chose Chavez, a dishonorable and dishonest communist caudillo or chose liberty and its freedoms, however hard fought they may be. The light is growing smaller and time is falling off. As Pope John Paul II urged, `chose life’ and chose the light. It is, like a democratic republic, always the better choice.

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