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Why the world must condemn the Venezuela - Iran brotherhood

By Aleksander Boyd

London 18.03.06 | One can see that Iran's nuclear issue is getting attention from all quarters. There is consensual apprehension across the board regarding Ahmadinejad, his plans to wipe Israel out of the map and his fundamentalist and fatalistic approach. But there is little talk about his supporters. Unfortunately much less attention has been dispensed to Hugo Chavez's steadfast commitment to support, and vote in favour of, Iran at every available opportunity. Why would that be?

Venezuela was the only country that voted against a motion seeking to arrest Iran's continuation with its dodgy uranium enrichment programme [IAEA's GOV/2005/77]. See also "Iran hails Venezuela's vote against IAEA resolution."

Having established a clear lead in the league of rogue nations that support the Mullahs' nuclear ambitions, then came the vote, this time reinforced by Cuba and Syria, against referring Iran to the UN security council [IAEA's GOV/2006/14]

It is said that Belorus has joined the block of pariah States led by Venezuela, which includes Cuba and Syria, that will continue supporting Iran against the general concerns of the international community. Ergo Hugo Chavez's stance is pretty clear, hence why hasn't he been ostracised accordingly?

One can judge a man by the company he keeps.

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