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Kenneth Rijock responds to Prensa Latina slur

By Kenneth Rijock, Financial Crime Consultant

12.03.06 | The Havana news service, Prensa Latina, has targeted me because I have exposed confidential details concerning the efforts of the Chavez regime to acquire prohibited nuclear technology from North Korea and Iran. Prensa Latina published denials from Guillermo Garcia Ponce concerning his involvement with North Korea. I stand by my story. In a feeble attempt to destroy my credibility, I have been referred to as an admitted money launderer for narcotics traffickers. In this article, I will set the record straight.

Twenty five years ago, I was a young bank attorney in Miami drawn into money laundering for my clients, who were smuggling marijuana into the United States from Jamaica. I have never hid that aspect of my life from anyone. What is relevant, however, is that, for the last 15 years, I have assisted US, Canadian and foreign law enforcement agencies in the investigation, arrest and conviction of money launderers. I have taught, trained and lectured an untold number of bankers and financial service staff in how to identify and interdict financial crime, and am an expert witness on the subject.

In 1999 and 2000, I testified before committees of the United States Congress in support of anti-money laundering legislation that ultimately was passed as part of the USA PATRIOT Act of 2001, as the only former banking attorney-turned money launderer in North America who now lectures on the subject to the financial community. My analysis articles on various money laundering subjects have appeared at COMPLINET [].

My information on Venezuela is contributed by experienced professionals who are, above all, patriots. It is true and correct, and if Mr. Garcia Ponce wishes to challenge me, the courts in Miami are open and available to all who seek justice. Unlike many Chavista lobbyists, bogus public information companies, and publicists, I have no personal agenda about Venezuela save disclosing the truth. I am not paid for writing these articles, and I am not acting on behalf of any government or company. Let the truth be told about Venezuela.

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