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Hugo Chavez fingering the USA: Where does the buck stop?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 26.02.06 | Say I were to organize a national solidarity conference with the USA in Caracas. Being an opponent of Hugo Chavez, I would invite organizations and individuals with a similar political stance, coupled with some international figures, to bash, criticise and take the piss out of the bolivarian revolution and its leader. Do readers reckon Castro's mini-me would allow for such an event to happen? Gustavo is treating us today with an extensive article about the luminaries that will gather in DC to do just that, and more. These bunch of utterly useless parasites will also seek to expand, in US soil, the network of solidarity organizations with America's No. 1 critic. Quite frankly I don't get it, hence the title of this post.

Such underworld gatherings, of no added value, ought to take place in obscure, fetid and tucked away basements, so that no decent person is in any manner disturbed by such pariahs going about their business of world liberation. And before some start criticising my take, answer this about one of the stars of such Akelarre: how and in what way does the spiel of a tax fraudster and unregistered agent betraying her country is to benefit American society?

In Venezuela we say "los metes a todos en una licuadora y no sale una albondiga de mierda," which means that if one were to put them all in a blender not even shit comes out of it. So why would DC residents have to put up with this? What's the benefit?

Secretary Rice and Intelligence Director Negroponte have stated, in rather clear terms, that Chavez is an undemocratic element. Why then are US authorities permitting a gathering of agents, employeees and supporters of a rogue regime to occur? Should the theme be Iran or Cuba or Hamas -mates of Hugo Chavez- would it still be allowed?

One must hope that the purpose is to identify them properly for subsequent actions. No friend of democracy or freedom is to be found among that crowd, ergo intelligence services should be adviced to take a really good look at the enemies of the USA, and perhaps, as Gustavo suggested, to take some into custody for some questioning.

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