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Venezuela News Review 24.02.06

By Aleksander Boyd

- Hugo Chavez's father was taken hostage by some disgruntled peasants in Barinas state, where the Chavez clan rules like modern-day Caligulas. The news did not make it to the BBC news desk.

- The epitome of corporate greed and American imperialism, Chevron Texaco, was asked by the Chavez regime to pump some more. Apparently there's not enough money to make the round to millions of dispossessed households.

- In a retaliatory move (??), Venezuela's Institute of Aviation suspended incoming Continental and Delta Airlines' flights and restricted those of American Airlines.

- The people's defender Germán Mundaraín, get this, gave assurances that there's an anti-Venezuelan front that seeks to isolate the country. Branding human rights violations arguments the front will publish shortly an "unfriendly" report about the situation in Venezuela. Needless to say that incriminating evidence of utmost quality, about a Maisanta software factory located in the basement of the White House, is forthcoming.

- Chavez's automatons at the National Assembly are pretending to be busy revising nominees for an impartial Electoral Council.

- Pedro Carreño, globally renowned as the leading authority in uncovering spying devices hidden in TV sets, heads the Assembly's anti-corruption commission meant to investigate the swindle of billions, originally assigned to Venezuela's army for the construction of the world's largest sugar processing plant. The scam took place in Caligulas' territory.

- PDVSA has announced that it will cease filing reports to the SEC and will buy $83 million worth of debt to clear its present standing. It is non-sovereign, PDVSA's CEO dictum, to have to report to investors.

- Erstwhile communist and guerrilla Teodoro Petkoff, and the gang of media suckers infatuated with him, maintain that he's the "Great White Hope" for this year's presidential race.

- Daft OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza, in a heroic feat, asked the US and Venezuela for a toning down on diplomatic vitriol.

- Caracas' Metropolitan City Hall approved a motion to pass property rights to tenants able to demonstrate tenancies of more than 10 years. It remains unclear how and if any compensation will be disboursed to property owners.

- Police officers carrying nearly 3 kilos of military explosive C-4 were arrested in Yaracuy state.

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