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Google bias re Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

London 22.02.06 | Yesterday I sent to about 30 people a link showing Google results for the search North American Opinion Research. As some of them saw, just by clicking on it, the article unmasking NAOR posted here was on the number 1 position of 49.5 million possible results. Today all references to the article have been removed.

Google results yesterday were identical to those depicted in

Equally some articles that I have published, that are seriously damaging for the Chavez regime, never appear in the news section or the natural rank, which leads me to conclude that some sort of mechanism has been devised by Google to pick and choose what articles/content posted here are to be indexed. The strict criteria that Google applied to this site recently, which caused an altogether cease of article indexing, does not seem to be applicable to Venezuelanalysis or Vheadline or any other left-leaning website for that matter.

I find this deeply disturbing, just the thought of that juggernaut at the service of chavismo makes me sick. Further, over the last three years I have developed the habit of taking screenshots of chavista pages, knowing full well their deceitful and false nature, perhaps the time to apply the same treatment to Google has arrived.

Results as retrieved from Google News' index

It is clear that the intention of Hugo Chavez is to make believe that he has the support of the majority of Venezuelans in the run up to the presidential race, as he did prior to the recall referendum. As the shrewd politician he is, obviously he will use every trick in the book to ensure this mantra gets repeated a million times by the international media. NAOR served its purpose before the recall and certainly will be cited again, unless the truth about it comes out. One would expect chavista media to lack in principles, but Google? The company whose motto is "Don't be evil"? Absolute power folks, absolute power. I wonder if this post will be indexed...

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