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At last Tony Blair refers to Venezuela accordingly

By Aleksander Boyd

London 09.02.06 | It's been a long, hard and unrelentless effort. But at last Tony Blair spoke about the tropical Mussolini, a.k.a. Hugo Chavez, in appropriate terms stating "It is rather important that the government of Venezuela realise that if they want to be respected members of the international community they should abide by the rules of the international community." Of course respect is something that nations earn through both coherent diplomatic relations and strict observance to rule of law, neither of which are hallmarks of the pseudo revolution spearheaded by the populist Venezuelan caudillo. Expectedly Chavez replied with his trademark accusation, the one applied to any and all who disagree with his regime, and called Blair "a pawn of imperialism, trying now to attack us from Europe." In fact, 'attacks,' as Chavez likes to refer to criticism, are coming from every direction nowadays, and it is rather stupid for Chavez to hedge himself by calling Blair an imperialist pawn when he is, effectively, nothing but Fidel Castro's lapdog.

Should this impasse be taken to comparative politics or economics, Blair has outdone Chavez in whichever imaginable way. Not least, this country is doing much better after three consecutive and transparent electoral wins of Blair. Venezuela under Chavez, on the other hand, has had an abysmal performance, which has resulted in the country joining the league of pariah and rogue nations with the likes of Cuba, Zimbabwe, Iran, Syria and North Corea.

Ergo Mr. Chavez's unhinged remarks just reinforce the validity of the criticism that serious politicians the world over have expressed either in public or privately.

Kudos to Mr. Blair. One can only hope that more nations join the chorus against the thuggish, narcoterrorist supporter misgoverning Venezuela.

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