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Eva Golinger: US special forces ready to kill Venezuela's Chavez

By Aleksander Boyd

London 06.02.06 | As readers of this site may know, I have a knack for uncovering the BS that comes from the chavista inanity propagating machine. Eva Golinger, or 'the darling of Chavez's revolution' as her patron likes to refer to her, is on the record stating that US Marines are already in Venezuelan soil, prep and ready to kill Hugo Chavez. Moreover, lo and behold, Golinger has got proof!! So here's the thing: a woman that misrepresents herself by claiming of having credentials that aren't backed by corresponding bodies/authorities; that has made a career out of deceiving and scamming the American public -IRS do take notice; that goes about disseminating political propaganda in clear violation to the laws of her country; that associates herself with rogue regimes and criminals that support narcoterrorism and have sworn to destroy the country where she was born, raised and educated; mind you, is one supposed to give any credibility to alerts coming from Eva Golinger? Bwaahhhhhhhhh!! Oh I'm sorry, I just can't stop laughing.

The point is though, that little Hugo Chavez must be particularly distressed these days, for, having thought of sending la Golinger to the press with such a bit of 'breaking news,' is, quite frankly, pathetic. Do readers recall the operation code-named "Plan Balboa?" Well it seems that actions have escalated to the second level and Chavez assassination will take place, according to Eva Golinger, any day now.

Golinger claims that Chavez has not forged alliances with Iran and North Korea, that's Negroponte's making. And one must ask: were Venezuelan Minister of Mines and PDVSA CEO recent remarks in Vienna, in support of Iran's uranium enrichment programme, also of Negroponte's making? Did Negroponte's agents protect and give Venezuelan citizenship to FARC's leader Rodrigo Granda? Yeah... I would have thought so.

Golinger says that a small group of people are undertaking psychological operations to change perceptions of Venezuelans. Poverty, crime, human rights abuses are not issues my countrymen experience and suffer on a daily basis, but rather, perceptions, manufactured by the aforementioned group. The assassination last week of the husband of my sister in law (former head of security of Venezuela's Finance Minister) didn't actually take place, it was only an evil and carefully fabricated perception.

When asked where is the group operating, Golinger replies "everywhere" (sic). I have to admit that Golinger's line of reasoning has convinced me for she's got irrefutable proof, she's seen it herself, imagine that.

Good and bad things happen in any 'asymmetric' conflict though, depending on one's position. Putting myself in the shoes of American citizens, Golinger's article does carry some good news: her mommy has adviced her not to return to the US until after Bush leaves the Whitehouse. Owing to her activities and 'legal background of very many years' Golinger may have realised, at last, that she may be in violation to the Foreign Agents Registration Act and IRS policies, ergo she fears possible reprisals. But worry not, for life in the close circle of Chavez's sycophants is just beyond the wildest dreams of any 'successful' American lawyer.

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