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Will the MSM report Venezuela's censorship?

By Aleksander Boyd

London 25.01.06 | Judge Florencio Silano, following orders of Venezuela's pseudo Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez, has issued an injunction banning all Venezuelan media from publishing or broadcasting any information related to the criminal investigation into the murder of prosecutor-cum-extorsionist-extraordinaire Danilo Anderson. Venezuelan media is abuzz with the news, which is nothing more than confirmation of the authoritarianism ruling Venezuela. However, and as usual, international counterparts -read MSM- lest Reporters Without Borders, have failed to report the censorship measure imposed in that country's media.

Will they report it? Or will the gathering of the world's socialist rabble continue to dominate the news?

Article 57 of the little blue book -a.k.a. the constitution- that Chavez often materialises from his pocket in front of the cameras says:

Everyone has the right to express freely his or her thoughts, ideas or opinions orally, in writing or by any other form of expression, and to use for such purpose any means of communication and diffusion, and no censorship shall be established. Anyone making use of this right assumes full responsibility for everything expressed. Anonymity, war propaganda, discriminatory messages or those promoting religious intolerance are not permitted.

Article 58 goes even further:

Communications are free and plural, and involve the duties and responsibilities indicated by law. Everyone has the right to timely, truthful and impartial information, without censorship, in accordance with the principles of this Constitution, as well as the right to reply and corrections when they are directly affected by inaccurate or offensive information. Children and adolescents have the right to receive adequate information for purposes of their overall development.

One must conclude that the Attorney General has not read the partei manifesto...

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