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Judge imposes CENSORSHIP on Venezuelan media

By Miguel Octavio | The Devil's Excrement

24.01.06 | A Judge imposed censorhip on the Venezuelan media today as ordered from above by the autocrats. The order by the judge forbids "any type of publication, diffusion or exhibition of the files of the case relating to the terrorist attempt in which Danilo Anderson lost his life, as well as those that make reference to the private life of the witness -Vasquez de Armas- because it is the job of the state to protect his dignity as a human being, his honor, his decorum, intimacy and physical integrity, since it corresponds to the State to guarantee the the good process of the judiciary process which has as its goal determining the materialand intellectual authorship of the terrorsit attempt that ended the life of Danilo Anderson"

This is called pure censorship, what they are trying to protect is that the "super-witness" is a criminal, with a track record for impersonating and suplanting others and who was in a Colombian jail when he claims the meeting to discuss the Anderson murder took place. None of these charges has been refuted by the Prosecutor's office as the media has dug them up. What the judge is trying to protect is the crummy and sloppy job the Prosecutor has done in the case, where he invented evidence and created a witness whose credibility leaves a lot to be desired while he has failed to investigate leads suggesting there was an extortion ring surrounding Anderson and some of the same prosecutors involved in this case.

Another very sad day for what is left of Venezuela's democracy, we have a new Pedro Estrada. What is next?

Addendum: readers and interested parties that wish to report about the Danilo Anderson case, his extortion racket, the criminal investigation and its 'star Colombian witness' are encouraged to send information my way, so that the Attorney General can prosecute me here in London. A. Boyd.

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