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Smartmatic denies links with Venezuela

By Aleksander Boyd

17.01.06 | Peruvian daily El Comercio reports today that a TV programme called "La Ventana Indiscreta" revealed last Sunday that Smartmatic, the highly suspect outfit of e-voting 'solutions' from Venezuela, is taking part in a bidding process in Peru. It appears that Smartmatic reacted to said comments by sending a communiqué to El Comercio. In it the company claims that different audits have determined the technological precision developed by them for the recall referendum and regional elections of Venezuela. Surely voting machines that keep the sequence of the vote are the dream of any crooked politician!!

Smartmatic stressed that both the Carter Center and the OAS have given assurances about the infallibility of their Automatic Elections Systems (SAES), denying that the company is partly owned by the Venezuelan regime. Would they care to expand upon the audit whereby a Venezuelan technician called out the votes cast by European and representatives from the OAS on the mock election conducted in Caracas on November 23 2005?

Peruvians would be better off in staying well clear from the heavily rigged lottery-devices-cum-pandora-voting-boxes offered by Smartmatic.

Better yet, the presenter of the TV programme said that Chavez has interfered, yet again, in the sovereign matters of Peru, adding that Peruvians older than ten years old can recognize a dictator when they see one, even when they come disguised as socialists... I guess that Chavez 'tricks' dupe only those milking him at our expense.

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