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Life in good old England

By Aleksander Boyd

21.12.05 | After years of neglect and abuses from our landlord we've decided to move out. Thus I started phoning all the service companies to inform them about the move and to request that such services be transferred to our new address. My first concern, as the good internet junkie that I am, was to get British Telecom (BT) to reconnect my telephone line as soon as possible. So I called them up and explained that I ran 4 websites from my place and that I needed those phones working. True to form they informed me that the earliest a technician could carry out the neccesary tasks to connect the new flat's lines would be January 5th 2006. And then some claim that this is in fact an industrialised and developed country.

We were then faced with the prospect of not having washing machine for the new landlord had failed to find a house appliances outlet able to deliver before Christmas; due to high volume of purchases across the board deliveries could only be made mid January.

And how about removals? Ja, try and hire someone to do a job here in London during the Christmas festivities.

In sum the above just to let readers know that this site will go very quiet for a few days; it's not that I voluntarily disconnected myself from my daily activities but rather that the service industries of this country suck.

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