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George Galloway pledges 'solidarity' to Hugo Chavez

By Aleksander Boyd

27.11.05 | Sure enough, it was only a matter of time. As the good old saying goes "birds of a feather..." Green Left is reporting today "BRITAIN: Respect pledges solidarity with Venezuela" in which the following can be read:

At its national conference in November, the anti-war Respect coalition passed the following resolution pledging solidarity with Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution.

1. This conference extends its solidarity to the people of Venezuela and applauds its government for its challenge to neoliberalism and US domination.

2. We pledge our support for a broad based campaign of solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution.

3) We encourage those Respect members who can to attend the World Social Forum in Caracas being held 25-29 January.

4) We resolve to affiliate to the Hands off Venezuela campaign.

There's been a surge of late of all sorts of 'solidarity' messages towards the Venezuelan would-be dictator. After devoting so much energy to 'bury' the FTAA, Chavez's appearance in Mar del Plata gave the world the opportunity to see where he stands: shoulder to shoulder with lusus naturae, read drug abusers and traffickers, guerrillas, terrorists, communists and the rest of the useless pariahs that happen to plague this planet.

Ergo George Galloway just couldn't help himself. His 'respect coalition' has just pledged solidarity with Chavez, coincidentally in the wake of the saucy deal to distribute discounted oil to low income families in Boston at the detriment of Venezuela's poor.

Could it be that oily George is seeking to reenact in Bethnal Green and Bow what democrat comrades managed across the pond? It seems to me that Galloway, who stands accused of having lied under oath before the US Senate, is eyeing another opportunity to profit from an oil-rich authoritarian, just as he did with the UN's Oil for Food Programme during the Saddam years.

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